fc, the center frequency, BWp, the pass-band bandwidth and BWs, the stop-band bandwidth, determine one of the five possible responses. For the Analog and IIR filters, the cut-off frequency (@Ap or @Asc) is given by BWp, while for the FIRs, ωc is given by the middle point of the transition width (e.g. (BWp+BWs)/2 for LP).
With these in mind this is how the values of the three frequencies should be: for LP/HP fc=0, for BP/BS fc>0, while the ratio between BWp and BWs determines whether it's a LP/HP, or a BP/BS. AP is a special case and only the all-pole Analog Active filters (Bessel, Butterworth and Chebyshev) and FIR_FS can achieve it. For that, fc=0 and BWp=BWs>0.

frequency graphs

Satisfying the conditions is not enough, some care should be taken. E.g. if fc=1, BWp=1k and BWs=2k it's a BP case, but the results will probably be unsatisfactory.

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